Status Multipart CT

Summary draft-ietf-core-multipart-ct-03

Multipart Content-Format for CoAP

The purpose of the draft is to define how to combine representations of various media types into a single message. The draft explains how the encoding is made, which is in form of a collection of CBOR entries with the various media types. For example: [42, h'0123456789abcdef', 0, h'3031323334']

multipart ct can be very useful when observing resources of which no representation is available at the time of the observation. The coap server may use the application/multipart-core media type in order to maintain the same Content-Format until the actual response (2.05, 2.03) is produced.

Shepherd Writeup


Document Shepherd: Jaime Jiménez,

Area Director: Alexey Melnikov,

This memo defines application/multipart-core, an application-independent media-type that can be used to combine representations of zero or more different media types into a single message, such as a CoAP request or response body, with minimal framing overhead, each along with a CoAP Content-Format identifier.

The document is intended for Standards Track.

Review and Consensus

The document has gone through multiple expert reviews and has been discussed on multiple IETF meetings. Before the last IETF the WGLC was completed.

Intellectual Property

Each author has stated that they do not have direct, personal knowledge of any IPR related to this document. I am not aware of any IPR discussion about this document on the CoRE WG.